Pupils get inspired by fantastically great women

February 2, 2022

As part of our "Go Beyond' programme, pupils from Years 4 to 9 were invited to watch a performance of "Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World". Exploring the lives of incredible women like Amelia Earthart, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie and Frida Kahlo (to name but a few), pupils were welcomed to a world that celebrates the diverse and often ground-breaking successes of the women of our past; climbers, painters, scientists, and explores, all of whom have reminded Great Ballard children of the importance of accepting oneself, pushing boundaries and aiming for success.

Pupils left the theatre inspired and energised, ready to apply their new-found understanding of these women to the art of poem writing.

A piece written by a Year 8 pupil is included below:

A cloud of wonder surrounds the audience,

Waiting in anticipation.

Red herrings try to distract us,

Has the performance started yet?

Suddenly, the lights flash,

The music starts,

The actors take their places.

A history museum,

Objects drapped in mysterious curtains.

A school girl, doubting herself,

Searches for answers,

Only to be met by figures of the past.

When the performance is over,

The audience leaves,

One by one,

Each taking a piece of the wonder with them.

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