A Day at Great Ballard School

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Life at Great Ballard is certainly not boring, each day is action packed with much to do and plenty of exciting opportunities to experience and grasp!

School begins for the boarders at 7 am with the rest of the pupils arriving at 8.15am. With ten lessons for Forms 5-8 and nine for the rest for the school, the day is packed full of interesting subjects for the pupils to learn from.

The school ends at 4.30 for Forms 3 and 4 with 5 to 8 finishing at 4.45. At this point, we have a range of afterschool activities for our pupils to join in with. 


0700Boarders are woken up by the resident staff and get themselves ready for the day ahead.
0745Breakfast Club - Breakfast is available for ALL children in the school and is supervised by both Prep and Pre-Prep staff. It consists of toast, cereals, fresh fruit and hot options.
0815Day pupils arrive
0820Morning Registration with Form teachers.
Assemblies – These can be whole school assemblies which are twice a week, House assemblies, Tutor times or Hymn practice.
0845Three lessons until morning break.
1045Morning Break. We have a long 40 minute morning break as we want the children to have the opportunity to play in our extensive grounds and woods. Children put on their distinctive blue boiler suits and whenever possible go out to play!
1120Two more lessons until Lunch (Pre-Prep lunch is at 12.00)
1245Lunch – Food is freshly cooked at school, with a choice of main course, vegetarian and a salad bar. Plus a wide range of desserts including fresh fruits and yoghurts.
1325Two afternoon Lessons (Forms 3 and 4 have games on Monday and Tuesday)
Games and matches are all afternoon Wednesday between 13.45 and 15.30.
1450Two afternoon lessons (Forms 5 to 8 have games on Monday and Tuesday) Games and matches are all afternoon Wednesday between 13.45 and 15.30. Thursday afternoon all in Forms 3 to 8 have Activities, these include play rehearsals, Forest school, mountain biking, swimming, art, dance etc.
1605Lesson 10 for Forms 5 to 8. Forms 3 and 4 have tutor time before they may go home at 16.30.
1645End of School for Forms 5 to 8. After school clubs start, these are many and varied and can include a wide range of teacher-led and specialist activities on site, as well as a number off-site. There is a wide variety of sporting, musical, dramatic, artistic, technological and just fun activities. Some run year-round, while others are seasonal. Children can sign up at the start of each term.
1730End of School
1740Boarders Tea. This is also available for day pupils who wish or need to stay.
1815Boarders change into casual clothes, followed by evening activities. These vary and can be activities in school using the extensive grounds and facilities, or each week outside of school such as bowling, cinema, clip and climb, crazy golf etc. Many staff are involved in offering these early evening activities.
2000Upstairs to have a drink and snack and start bedtime routine, which is slightly staggered depending on the ages of the children. Once showered and changed boarders can play in the games room, (pool table, games consoles, table tennis, table football and numerous board games), watch television, or sit quietly talking or reading. The boarders are only supervised by resident staff at this point, as this helps with consistency and continuity of routines. Depending on the age of the children lights out are between 20.45 and 21.15.
2045 and 2115Children are expected to read quietly in bed before their lights out.
Sleep, after another exciting day!
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