A musical end to the term

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Christmas is one of those times of year that musicians live for. Although, I know that by the time I have sung ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ for the 102nd time on Christmas Day I must admit I am happy to see the back of that carol for another 11 months! The Christmas performances by the children, and I will just list what has taken place in the last fortnight, Christmas Fair, Junior School Musical, Nativity Play, Pre-Prep Church Service, Informal Christmas Concert, and of course, the School Carol Service are all performed against the backdrop of ‘normal’ school life, i.e. exams, sports fixtures and extra-curricular activities.  

What we see on the day is the just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in terms of all the hard work that has been going on with regards to these events. Mrs DB started off with the Junior Play back in September and I must own up to rehearsing the first Christmas Song back in October! Yet, I am sure we all agree that the hard work pays off. We must remember that in everything we do at Great Ballard EVERY child gets involved. This is very much the case with the Boxgrove Carol Service, our Intermediate Choir is all the children in Forms 5 and 6, not a handpicked, selected few, but very much a case of music for all and long may it stay that way! The praise from Reverend Ian Forester after the Carol Service was humbling - as a man who presides over a lot of Carol Services he certainly knows a thing or two! As parents you can be very proud to know he said the Great Ballard Carol service was the best he had heard this year.

I hope as the final notes of our Carol Service finally fade away you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas; using the holidays wisely to recharge the batteries for all the exciting musical things in the term ahead.  

Mr Larley

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