A Memorable Remembrance Service

Whole School

Last Friday, Prep school pupils marked a very special Remembrance (100 years since the signing of the armistice) with a service in the school hall with hymns, poems and readings. There was some beautiful oration from Florrie, Sam and Finley – an especially poignant moment was the reading out of the Roll of Honour of the Great Ballard pupils who went to the WW1 battlefields but did not return.

As well as Gillian Keegan MP, in attendance, the guest speaker was former Young Officer with the Royal Navy, Charlie Threlfall. Charlie told the moving stories of his father’s service in WW1, his own service in the Falklands and his son, Ed’s, current service in the Navy with Ed's twin brother, Olie, having previously served, also. He told us of the loss of his school friend Titch during the Falklands and of the trip to France with his siblings to honour those who had fallen in a battle that nearly took the life of his father. With few dry eyes in the house, the service was a fitting tribute to those lives lost during war and an important lesson for pupils to understand what was sacrificed for their freedoms today. Florrie did a beautiful job of reading out a message to Lt Meek that Charlie and his siblings had written and left by his grave in France... a message that Lt Meek's great nephew saw that very same day (only four hours later) prompting him to contact the Threlfall family via email to thank them. Charlie told us what Remembrance means to him and we hope that the talk gave the pupils a chance to reflect on what it means to them.

If you'd like to watch Charlie's address you can watch it here:

Charlie's FatherCharlie and the Captain of HMS Broadsword, the ship that Charlie was on during the Falklands War.Charlie and his twin sons Ed (right) and Olie (left)A young Charlie in the Royal Navy
Ed (left) and Olie (right)  at Olie's return from a 6 month deploymentEd and Hollie (a familiar face!) at Ed's homecoming December 2017Charlie, Sandra and Nick in France at the location where a battle their father was in took place in which he almost lost his life.A message from the Threlfall family to Lt Meek

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