The use of mobile phones, tablets, interactive whiteboards and other digital resources is increasing all the time and here at Great Ballard, we invest appropriately in resources and training to make sure our children and staff are adopting the latest technologies available whilst ensuring safe and responsible use of online tools.

We use Twitter and other social and digital platforms to educate our parents and prospective parents on our latest news and developments at the school, as well as using more traditional printed newsletters and school calendars to ensure our children and parents are kept up to date with everything.

We understand that technology is constantly developing around us and therefore a vital skill for our children to learn.

All pupils follow a touch typing program in order to develop this very important life skill. All year groups have at least one ICT lesson per week where they study topics broadly based on the National Curriculum framework which includes developing presentation skills, learning to problem solve using spreadsheets and basic programming using ‘Scratch’. In Years 7 and 8 pupils will develop their knowledge further with subjects such as HTML and coding.

The pupils have access to a suite of computers and tablets which they can use, on request, for homework. They are able to utilise the skills they learn in ICT for cross-curricular activities.

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